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Started in 2014, Imagesetter INC has always been in the forefront of law services in Fremont. Our star-studded team of lawyers make your life easier to live. Literally.

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Why Family Law Solicitors In The Hills District As So Popular Right Now

Why Family Law Solicitors In The Hills District As So Popular Right Now

There are some people who are reading this who may be currently wondering why family law solicitors in the Hills District are so popular right now and can sometimes be so hard to get an appointment with. One of the reasons why this can be the case is because divorce and separations rates are so high which means that ex-couples will have to seek professional help to sort out child custody and well as the division of their assets.

Some will be aware of the high rates of divorce and so will want to organize a prenuptial agreement in order to protect themselves and their family in the long run. Others will want to want to make sure that new children are added to prenup. Whatever the case may be, there are all sorts of different tasks which family law solicitors are able to help with which is why they are so high in demand. Thankfully, when people aim to get ahead of any potential issues that may arise instead of waiting for them to occur, they are much more likely to be able to find a professional to work with who is able to help.


Family law solicitors in the Hills District are so popular right now because more and more people are becoming aware of their rights

Thanks to the internet, more and more people have access to more and more information. This means that someone who may have otherwise had incorrect information given to them is now able to jump online to find out what really is what. This means that they may be more likely to end a relationship as they realize that they aren’t going to lose their children necessarily or lose all of their money.


What many people out there don’t actually realize is the fact that things are rarely ever split 50/50 and instead the person who earned the majority of the money will take the majority of it with them. There are other factors, of course, that play into this such as involved children who may have disabilities. But whatever the case may be, more people are now seeking legal support from family law solicitors in the Hills District because they now know that they have a leg to stand on.


Family law solicitors in the Hills District are so popular right now because they help people protect themselves from harm

While most people out there are pretty self sufficient, there are some circumstances that can arise which will require people to seek outside support. For instance, when someone has an abusive partner or ex-partner who seems to show up at random times and wreak havoc wherever they go. For many, they will put up with a lot because of fear but when they see their children get hurt that will be the straw that broke the camels back.

When people want to protect themselves from harm, the best way to do this is by seeking legal support as soon as possible. They may even be able to rid an abusive person from their lived altogether by implementing restraining orders and by cancelling any visitation rights that they may have for the involved children. There are all sorts of different positive outcomes that can be worked towards when reaching out. As it can be seen, there are many reasons why family law solicitors are so in demand right now and the number one reason is because people want to ensure that they are protected the best that they can.


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The Times In Life When You Should Locate Family Lawyers In Sydney That Offer Free Consultation And Advice Options

The Times In Life When You Should Locate Family Lawyers In Sydney That Offer Free Consultation And Advice Options

When it comes to living an adult life, most people find that they are able to easily get through when they are extremely organised and when they have all of their plans laid out in front of them. While this can be extremely helpful, it can mean that people are completely blind sighted when life’s little games seem to arise to throw them off course and put them in a scenario that they never thought they would have to deal with. This can often be the case for people when they decide to end a marriage, when they have kids, or something else along these lines.

When these times do occur, the last thing that people should be doing is burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the matter at hand. This is because when people do this, they run the risk of having the outcome become even worse than they had intended. This is why this post will explore the times in life when you should strive to locate family lawyers in Sydney that offer free consultation and advice options.


lawyerIt may be the time in your life to strive to locate family lawyers in Sydney that offer free consultation and advice options when you are struggling to make ends meet

The ironic thing in life is that often the most important situations will pop up when people are not financially prepared for them. For instance, people may have savings and a roof over their heads but when two people decide to part ways, and they will then have to tally up their assets in order to divide them. Instead of splitting the assets down the middle like to people may have always intended to do if they ever parted ways, some may find that their ex-partner is wanting to take a lot more with them when they go.

This can leave people in a very tight position indeed which is why those who are needing legal support should strive to locate family lawyers in Sydney that offer free consultation and advice options. This means that people can meet with professionals free of charge in order to establish that they can do for them as well as to discuss the involved costs.


It may be the time in your life to locate family lawyers in Sydney that offer free consultation and advice options when you are feeling lost about who to work with    

Another time in your life when it might be time to strive to find family lawyers in Sydney that offer free consultation and advice options is when you are feeling utterly and completely lost in regards to what to do. This is because most people have never thought about this kind of thing until they find themselves knee deep in the mud. Thankfully, people are able to pull themselves out of the muck by finding expert attorneys to help them protect themselves and their family members.

Furthermore, when people are lost they can always meet with a few different professionals to see what they suggest for them to do. If people receive similar advice from several different people, then it is likely that this is the path that they should take. Having said this, people can’t meet with heaps of different experts when they are all charging for their initial consult. This is why it’s important to locate family lawyers in Sydney that offers free consultation and advice options especially when struggling to make ends meet.

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The Power of Attorneys

The Power of Attorneys

Ever thought about getting a divorce? Family law solicitors Campbelltown can help you out. Reliable, knowledgeable and all around good eggs, these legal geniuses can help you of your personal nightmare. If you live in the area, get in touch with these experts in their field as they help you out of one of stickiest situations imaginable.


In total, together for 6 months you both admit that maybe getting married was a step too far. One that you rushed into, not knowing just a few weeks later you wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of each other. Family law solicitors Campbelltown will be able to solve the problems. Once the process is finished, these whirlwind six months will be behind you. Something that will just be an unfortunate blip in your otherwise perfect life.


You never thought it could come to this. Wed on a beach in Bali just a month ago, you thought you’d be together forever. Not even family law solicitors Campbelltown could have imagined that four weeks down the line they could be so lucky to be welcoming you through their doors to discuss who gets the four plates you bought together, and who must make do with the bed side table you picked up on the side of the road just last week. An object that holds much emotional significance for the two of you, as it was on this table sat memories of your magical day 28 days ago. Fortunately, you don’t own many things together. The more money at stake, the longer and more difficult the process. Being married for just a few short months comes as a blessing in disguise.


As mentioned before, family law solicitors Campbelltown can and will help. These lawyers have plenty of years of experience. They have seen it all. The fights, followed by a promise never to talk to one another again. The making up, followed by promises to never fight again, to halt divorce proceedings. The emotional black mail. The blame games. All stages of separation that every couple thinks are exclusive to their plight, family law solicitors Campbelltown have seen and solved before. There is nothing too crazy, too unpredictable for them to deal with. As divorce attorney they are trained to expect the unexpected.


Family law solicitors Campbelltown are expert negotiators. They know what to say, when to say it and who to say it too. They can read the body language of the party they are up against. These experts in their field can help you get what you want from what remains of your failed marriage without the bloodbath that you’re expecting. You may dislike your other half but that doesn’t mean things have to get nasty. Following your attorney’s instructions will mean everything is solved as amicably as possible.


They can make everything a lot easier on a practical level too. There is nothing worse than going to work and having to worry about problems at home. You’ll already be stressed about the situation, you don’t want to worry about paper work and deadlines. This is where family law solicitors Campbelltown can make your life much easier. Divorce proceedings can be long and painful. There is a lot of legal work to be done in order to prove the divorce can legally take place. It can be overbearing for those not trained in the legal profession. But for these experts it is nothing new. They can handle everything efficiently and effectively making your life that little bit simpler.


The whole process will be done and dusted before you know and you’ll only have one group of professionals to thank.

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What Defines The Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney’s CBD For The Defence

What Defines The Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney’s CBD For The Defence

Criminal lawyers in Sydney have a long and storied history when it comes to representing their clients in court. From dealing with cases ranging from drug possession to assaults, drunk driving, sexual misconduct, murder and robbery, there is a litany of cases that have been put forward in New South Wales’ capital.

There is clearly a scale in these scenarios that range from a misdemeanour to a felony, a situation where the defendant faces far greater penalties for their alleged crimes.

As the evidence is put forward before a judge or jury, it is imperative that the criminal lawyers in Sydney undertake their due diligence and ensure that justice is upheld.

When it comes to the case for the defence, there will be some characteristics and features of the best performing solicitors that separates them from the pack. They might be only evident to the naked eye or those individuals who have an in-depth knowledge of the legal field, but they are there if you look closely enough.

Here we will discuss these features to outline where you can find value for money.


Terrific Communicator

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should pride themselves on their ability to communicate. After all, representing someone in a court of law requires them to be skilled in the art of debating to convince those necessary parties that the evidence fits their line of argument succinctly.

Before and after the courtroom though, there is the need to communicate with the client in a clear and articulate manner. From responding to emails, phone calls, texts and other forms of communication, they should illustrate that this case is just as important to them as it is for the client.


Advocate For Defendant’s Rights

Criminal lawyers in Sydney who illustrate a strong degree of competence, aggression and forthrightness when it comes to their client’s case is paramount. Consider this an intangible quality that cannot be measured by statistics, graphs or figures on a spreadsheet. The personality of the legal representative can make a huge amount of difference as the target at the end of the day is to convince a judge or jury of your innocence.

That takes interpersonal skills such as a confident posture, strong body language and a spoken tone that is direct and assured. They will also embody each and every legal right that their client has access to as a citizen.


Will Dig For Their Own Evidence

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should not immediately accept the findings and verdict of police officers or the events that have been argued on behalf of the prosecution. No. They will venture out onto the scene to find their own witnesses, ask their own questions, find photographs, seek out documentation and source their own evidence.

Perhaps the opposition has the same access or perhaps they have overlooked some details. Whatever the scenario may be, the ideal solicitor who is representing the defence will head out to dig for their own evidence with the aid of their firm’s resources and a paralegal.


Quality CV and Connections

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should come equipped with a raft of experience, won cases and connections that speak to their standing and reputation. There will be all manner of firms and practitioners that are circulating the niche of criminal lawyers in Sydney, but the best will arrive on the job with the backing of their peers and the respect of the courtroom to help you win the case.



Now that you know what qualifies the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, you must undertake your due diligence and examine the names and firms that are in the market. Speak with friends, family members and colleagues to determine which criminal lawyers in Sydney are best placed to represent your interest.

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What Sydney Defendants Require From Criminal Lawyers

What Sydney Defendants Require From Criminal Lawyers

There will be all manner of scenarios where a client will require one of the criminal lawyers in Sydney. Consider any of the common misdemeanours that are evident on a daily basis in the city from trespassing to reckless or drunk driving, assault, public intoxication, marijuana possession or theft.


There are also far more serious crimes that fall into the felony category, such as arson, rape, grand theft, fraud or murder.


This is where it is vital for the sake of the charged individual to have someone who will represent their interests and take into context all of the facts of the case before a judgment can be made.


From Bondi to Newtown, Manly and Balmain, the field of criminal lawyers in Sydney is vast, experienced and well credentialed when it comes to this niche of legal representation.


So what will happen following the charges that a defendant is facing, and what will solicitors like Sydney criminal lawyers O’Sullivan Legal do to ensure that they are well represented?

Gauging The Charges


The first step that anyone of the criminal lawyers in Sydney that will be hired is to gauge the exact nature of the charges. From a minor misdemeanour to a felony or something else entirely, it is paramount that the individual is completely aware of what the prosecution is after and what penalties could be imposed. Once that is gleaned, then the rest of the process and decision making procedure can be shaped moving forward.

What Evidence is Available?


Criminal lawyers in Sydney will all be after evidence to help the status of their case. They will want to know all of the facts and pose a series of questions before conducting their own research:


  • Were there any witnesses?
  • What time did the event occur?
  • What was in your possession?
  • What did the police do and ask once they appeared on the scene?
  • Were you under duress or compromised to lead to an illegal action?
  • What statements have you made in the wake of the event?


From photographs to phone recordings and other sensitive information that could be pertinent to the case, the solicitor will have to access as much evidence as possible.

Next Steps To Take


All options will have to be put on the table as criminal lawyers in Sydney are positioned to inform their client about potential avenues. There are three main types of pleas that can be entered: guilty, not guilty or no contest. Not only will these options be presented, but the client will need to be aware of the fallout and consequences of those pleas. The attorney’s responsibility is to follow through on the client’s wishes, even in the wake of their council and recommendations.

Developing the Case


Assorting all of the evidence and garnering witness testimony, criminal lawyers in Sydney have to prepare the case as best as possible. This might need assistance from a paralegal to as they come to a decision about sourcing character references and arriving to a position that is likely to win in a court of law.

Court Representation


The central premise for all criminal lawyers in Sydney is being present and presenting the case in court. They are in place to be your advocate and your voice to articulate a position that clarity in order to convince a judge or jury that their case is the correct one. That will also include pinpointing flaws in the prosecution’s case, a facet that should be paramount for an experienced defence attorney.



If police are continuing to ask questions directed at you or you suspect foul play, then seek out one of the certified criminal lawyers in Sydney. Whether the matter involves a search warrant or an uncomfortable encounter following charges, then criminal lawyers in Sydney are positioned to fight your corner through due process.

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What To Look For When Hiring Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyers

What To Look For When Hiring Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal law is a serious matter where charged parties have to ensure that they are represented in the best manner possible. Whether the case is on the lenient end of a standard misdemanour to crime that is categorised as a felony, your fate will ultimately be formed by the facts of the case and the quality of your defence in a court of law.


Should you be on the lookout for Melbourne criminal defence lawyers in Victoria’s capital city, you will be faced with a plethora of options should you have the resources to examine the names and brands showcased.


Each one of these firms will promote themselves as the solution to all of your problems, but there should be some fundamental characteristics that define the good from the bad, and the great from the good.


Here we will outline what to look for when conducting your own search of various Melbourne criminal defence lawyers.

Communication Skills


Above all else, Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will pride themselves on their ability to communicate effectively. This does not only apply to the attorney-client relationship, but that of the judge, jury and legal bodies that require formal document lodgments. At all times the representative should be able to articulate a position clearly and provide their client with all of the details in a timely fashion. Combined with a quick response rate through phone calls, meetings, texts and emails, your lawyer should have the capacity to educate and update without overloading information. This takes a skilled communicator.



It is one asset to be able to communicate effectively, yet it is quite another to lay out all of the evidence and conditions on the table when an attorney and client meet during consultations. Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will have different reputations depending upon the individual in question, so the ability to be transparent on fees, charges, length of sentencing and consequences of pleading should all be part of the same package.



There will be a myriad of profiles that are at two ends of the spectrum for experience with Melbourne criminal defence lawyers. The young attorneys have a reputation for being eager and enthusiastic, but it is advised that you find representation from a firm that has a background with similar cases. From assault to indecency or negligence, your attorney should have experience to know how to win a case such as yours.



Emotional attachment is seen as a major downside for legal representation and whilst this is true, a degree of empathy between attorney and client can actually be an asset. Anyone of the Melbourne criminal defence lawyers that you happen to hire will be schooled in the art of being purely professional, yet those representatives who are understanding of the stress and pain that their clients are experiencing can be cause to stretch their time and resources as far as possible.


Detailed-Oriented Approach


Melbourne criminal defence lawyers must be alert, passionate and driven about the facts of a case. The difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict can come down to recognising a small loophole on a document. Precision is the aim of the game, so it is advised that you source a lawyer who has this approach to details in mind.



No matter what suburb of the city you are based, sourcing Melbourne criminal defence lawyers should be an efficient process if you respect these fundamentals. Find referrals from parties you trust and engage representatives if they offer free consultations. Be aware of what services are out there for Melbourne criminal defence lawyers because there is too much at stake to be poorly represented in a criminal law case.


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When Is The Attorney-Client Relationship Established?

When Is The Attorney-Client Relationship Established?

When an individual or organization is on the hunt for legal representation, there can be murky boundaries that define an actual attorney-client relationship. Especially to the uninitiated parties that are seeking insurance on their behalf or are requiring support for an important case, the understanding of when a relationship has been put in place can be difficult to decipher.


This is often the case when a consultation has occurred and sensitive information might have been forward. Are they protected in this instance to know that this information will not be compromised? At what point can you know if you have secured legal representation in the eyes of the law?


Here we will outline a handful of key scenarios that attempts to address this question directly.

When You Meet The Client Definition


If you are a party that has consulted a lawyer, then an attorney-client relationship may have been established in the eyes of the law. This will happen if a reasonable conclusion is reached where the lawyer has agreed to render their legal services.


The rulings set around this circumstance does not necessarily stipulate that a transaction or formal agreement has to be established with a payment or retainer, overlooking the need for any sort of formality. Just the initial contact alone can be enough to ensure that an attorney-client partnership has been formed.

Screening and Interview Process


The screening process on behalf of the attorney and the interview or consultation moment on behalf of the client are important gauges to interpreting the nature of the relationship. This will help to provide red flags on conflicts of interest or fields of expertise that explains if a partnership is valid moving forward.


An attorney who does not meet the demands or the qualifications of the case is obliged to decline representation whilst being discrete about the nature of the talks. Likewise for a lawyer who believes the party is not consulting in good faith or holds unreasonable expectations as to the outcome of a case will see their professional relationship ended abruptly.

Agreeing to Formal Terms


If both parties believe that the relationship is valid and there is a desire to push forward, then a formal letter of engagement will be signed. A separate fee engagement document can also be lodged as the provisions of the agreement are laid out from financial costs to parameters of the representation. This checklist is the guarantee that the partnership has been formed with binding stipulations that make it unique to a simple verbal agreement.

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When An Employee Requires An Attorney in the Workplace

When An Employee Requires An Attorney in the Workplace

Employees in the workplace must understand that they have certain rights and obligations they afford them a degree of protection in the eyes of the law.


Depending on the nature of the profession and what industry they are based in, labor attorneys are on hand to give their clientele guidance and professional expertize when it comes to claiming compensation or recompense for the wrongdoing of a company.


So when should an employee of a business consider calling up legal council exactly? Here we will outline some examples when that step is a necessary one to take.

Instances of Discrimination


Should you believe that unlawful conduct has taken place in the workplace based off an instance of discrimination, then legal proceedings will have to be an option that is considered. Whether it is based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, politics or physical or mental condition, then an investigation should be launched.

Being Bullied and Intimidated


From life-threatening assault and sexual misconduct to minor indiscretions that build up over a period of time, workplace harassment should carry significant consequences for the offending party. Once an employee has made the case clear and acted transparently and in good faith, they are entitled to seek remuneration or recompense for the actions of the offender.

Complaints Left Unheard


An organization of any stature should have a human resources department in place to lodge these cases and have them investigated internally, but there are occasions when those calls are left silent and no action is taken. This is the most common instance whereby an attorney is brought in to ensure that due process is carried out, regardless of which legal matter is in question.

Breaking The Law


Should you foresee a case whereby an employee or employer has clearly broken the law, then there are scenarios whereby external legal council is strongly advised. Legal violations in the field of commerce is taken seriously and it be a matter of the attorney to decide which level the infraction has occurred, from a local case to state or federal.

Cannot Deal With Confrontation


Some individuals in a workplace are simply not equipped to manage or introduce confrontation in their lives and this presents its own unique set of challenges. Especially when dealing with a settlement or agreeing a severance package, there will be times when a strong and educated advocate who is schooled in the legal implications will be suitable to your circumstances.

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What To Look For When Seeking Legal Representation During a Domestic Violence Case

What To Look For When Seeking Legal Representation During a Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence is an ongoing concern that affects communities right across the nation. It is the quiet truth that many families do not confront for fear of the implications, whether that is the dissolving of the family or threats of emotional or physical intimidation towards the spouse.


This is a facet where the role of the attorney is paramount to achieve justice and ensure that the victim or victims are protected from future harm.


In order to reach this objective, individuals must understand the benchmarks that define a quality lawyer in the field of domestic violence. It is a unique category that carries its own challenges in a court of law, and bringing aboard a qualified advocate can make the world of difference between success and failure.


Here is what you should be looking out for as key characteristics for a domestic violence attorney.

Not Bogged Down By Other Cases


Accessibility is a major element at play when a spouse is seeking an attorney who will fight their corner. Whilst an overwhelming majority of lawyers will have multiple cases occurring simultaneously, each and every client should believe as though they are receiving the right amount of attention their case requires. From attending meetings on time to answering phone calls and emails in a diligent manner, an attorney managing your domestic violence case must be punctual.

Enjoys Track Record of Success


Having an attorney who can call upon the experience of past case wins is a major advantage to have on your side of the isle. This professional will understand how to go about building a case that proves the allegations of domestic violence is genuine. They will also have the capacity to guiding the client as to their wishes and what steps they want to take moving forward.

An Open and Honest Operator


There must be an openness and transparency from an attorney for the potential client to sign up and agree for them to act as a representative. If there are holes in their testimony and a lack of evidence, that must be made clear to the client. No details should be hidden and all options should be put on the table. As an advocate in court, the client must trust that the attorney has their best interests in mind should they seek a victory. The attorney should also back the client and trust that their case is genuine as well, with the partnership working both ways.

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