Animal Welfare in Australia

imal Welfare

When it comes to the subject of animal welfare and treating animals better, there has been a big change in the way animal’s existence has been perceived in the last couple of years. There are a lot more animal activists now than there were ever before.

While most of the conversation regarding how animals should be treated are related to veganism and vegetarianism, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the fact as to why people all around the globe are angry at those who slaughter animals to serve as food. Some even struggle to understand how it’s alright for some to slaughter the animals we eat on a daily basis and not other animals. They usually tend to make a point out of this fact on social media and try to promote an animal cruelty-free world.

Well, while the majority of the world won’t give up its chicken or bacon for a very long time, there are a lot of things happening all around the world that pose as a threat to all animals. While it starts with global warming, deforestation and the many acts of man that not only kills animals unnecessarily but also ruins biodiversity’s, the importance of looking after animals has never been more important. This is especially true for the animals living in Australia as the country has one of the biggest undiscovered biodiversities in the world.

Animal Welfare in the Land Down Under


While many territories and state governments have created and enforced animal welfare laws, these laws are set up through the administration of legislation for both the prevention of animal cruelty, as well as animal welfare.

Referring to Australia’s livestock industry, there are Model Codes of Animal Welfare established which agrees on a certain set of principles. This code serves as voluntary guides for those responsible for the welfare of these animals.

Animal Welfare Legislation

According to the state and territory governments, all in Australia have both comprehensive and contemporary animal welfare legislation perfectly set up, while the local government has a legislation regarding the management of companion animals in place.

The Australian Government’s international and trade agreements is a legislation that covers the safety and welfare of animals that are actively being traded internationally. These slaughter establishments are export-registered.

These legislations have a range of responsibilities which include the welfare of wild animals, as well as the management of animal welfare and research on Australian lands, the welfare of kangaroos that are killed for commercial purposes and finally, the conduct of animal management falling under the Department of Environmental National Threat Abatement Plans.

Above all else, the Australian Government also has a big responsibility for providing their input to international animal welfare. They are also entitled to give their opinion on the development of international regulations and standards. This furthermore helps with negotiating treaties that involve all animals.