Australian Laws – Tax and Disputes


In most instances, tax tends to be a topic that few like to discuss. After all, unless you’re a tremendous giver to society, it can turn out to be one of your least favourite thing living in the land of the Aussies and let’s be honest, there’s not much to complain about, to begin with. Tax, however, does make quite the difference in those prices tags and since Australia has a sought-after structure when it comes to their cities, perfect roads, schools and hospitals, there is no doubt as to why the tax is so high.

While tax is something each and every citizen has to pay in most countries, the same goes for Australia.

When it comes to tax disputes at the Australian tax office, there can be a lot of stress and expenses paired with it. Sorting out your tax can also be extremely time consuming and due to the frequent change of tax law, it can also be difficult for those who change the laws to get the public to comply with the adjusted tax. Solicitors are lawyers that can advise on tax obligations, help you minimise taxation, as well as help you settle disputes that take longer to resolve or may reach court.

The Planning and Advising of Tax

Tsax Planning

Most law firms have a good group of qualified solicitors that will guide you and provide you with advice on any relevant implications regarding tax. This will assist you in the planning of your tax obligations, help you minimise taxation and also, represent you in the case of a dispute that needs to be solved.

Settling Tax Disputes by Working with a Solicitor

The Australian Tax Office investigates and has the responsibility to enforce tax law. There is a process to be followed that involves an assessment, allow you the opportunity to object to the notice, allows the Australian Tax Office to re-assess the assessment and if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you will be able to appeal to either the Federal Court or the Administrative Appeal Tribunal. If your business is audited by this the Australian Tax Office and there is an infringement notice lodged against you, you will have the right to either appeal the decision made or dispute the infringement. In such a case, solicitors will be able to assist you in tax disputes to settle the best outcome regarding finances for your business.

Solicitors are not limited to other services related to tax disputes and will also assist you with advice on taxation and access to concessions and deductions, advise you on proper tax treatment for transactions, give you advice regarding the planning of your tax, as well as business structuring, help you prepare for applications with the Australian Tax Office regarding an internal review, as well as negotiating payments and interest.

It is important to know that there are always a group of professionals able to help you with any tax-related problem. Even if you have a simple query regarding your tax, the tax on your business, the settling of a dispute and anything else, solicitors are always ready and happy to assist.