Australia’s Road Rules and Regulations


There have been many attempts in the past to encourage road rules for Australia as a whole, but unfortunately, these attempts failed on many occasions due to the fact that each state and territory had its own set of rules. Changing these rules would’ve been quite confusing for the states and territories which made each one adopts and keep their own set of rules.

To be real, there are a couple of strange rules and some that people don’t even believe exist. It’s important to know these rules though, whether they be strange or not, as not following them might just get you into trouble with the law.


The 3M Rule

This might be one of the weirdest reasons as to the way you can obtain a fine but it’s quite real. You can get a fine by not locking your door. This rule is applicable in New South Whales. In order to be fined, you must be more than 3 metres away from your vehicle. This rule is also applicable to those who don’t close or secure their windows and leaving their car unattended.

Watch out for planes

Forming part of the Silver City Highway in New South Whale’s, this road is not only used for cars but in some cases, planes too. That’s right… It is used as an airstrip during all hours of the day and serves as an emergency airstrip in all conditions.

You’re not allowed to wave

Sounds, a bit crazy? Well, it’s true. There are a few states where drivers could potentially be penalised if they wave at someone outside of their vehicle. Think this is a joke? If only it was… But, according to Rule 268 of New South Whale’s Legal Road Rules, no driver is allowed to have any part of their body outside of their vehicles. Oh, and same goes for your passengers too.

Give way to horses

Give way to restive horses, which in Queensland simply means that drivers must be wary of horses who can’t remain still while you drive on a road. Just like pedestrians, the rider on the horse has the right of way and will signal you to stop your car so they can cross the road first.

Splash mud on pedestrians

Sounds quite strange, right?

Well, believe it or not, but you’re actually allowed to, and it’s considered a rule. While this rule is not specified with the use of water, we’re sure that it counts too.

Speed limits

As of 2014, speed limits have been removed from the road. That is the roads where you could drive 200 km per hour. This rule is only applicable on roads such as the one between Barrow Creek and Alice Springs which is a 2834km high way that runs all the way from Darwin to Port Augusta in Southern Australia. Although speed is never recommended, perhaps you could take advantage of this rule, just a little…

While these rules are somewhat strange, and some might be hard to wrap your head around, not following them could get you into serious trouble, not only that disapproving stare from the residents. So, do yourself a favour and follow the rules. At least this time.