How To Find The Best Blockout Curtains In Sydney?

blockout curtains in the bed room

Looking to change up a room? It can be hard to find the best blockout curtains in Sydney. You’re probably asking yourself how you can find the right ones for your space, how do you know which colours, materials, length and style to pick? Here’s what we suggest.


Consider your budget

Before you go shopping for the best blockout curtains in Sydney make sure you think about your budget and what you’d like to spend. Drapes can be very inexpensive or very pricey, it depends on how much space you’re looking to cover, what kinds of materials your using and other factors, like any treatments on your blockout curtains. It also depends on whether or not you’re looking for off the rack drapes or custom made options for large or unusually shaped windows. Whilst custom options might be more expensive, they can be a great investment and will improve the look and functionality of your windows and your home. If you’re looking for the best blockout curtains in Sydney then customised drapes can offer an impressive, finished look. Ready-to-hang drapes however can be very convenient as they are readily available and come in a range of colours, textures and styles.


Explore your options

Finding the best blockout curtains in Sydney means exploring your options. Take the time to think about your personal style and what would work with your décor at home. Drapes can dramatically change the look of a room so it’s well worth it to take the time to look around and see what kind of styles you like. There are so many different kinds of style and options available and yet many people simply choose the cheapest, white drapes they can find. Think about what look and feel you’re really hoping to go for. Do you want your home to feel clean and airy, cozy and comfortable or sleek and stylish? The best blockout curtains in Sydney for you are the ones that fit your personal taste and will make your home really feel like ‘yours’.


Sheer or blackout?

Window with blockout curtains in the bed room

There are different kinds of drapes and thicknesses available, ranging from sheer to opaque, lined or complete blackout brands. When considering thickness it’s a good idea to think about what you’re trying to achieve in a room. Do you want to allow natural sunshine in whilst maintaining a bit of privacy? Do you want to layer your drapes? Perhaps you want to opt for an ethereal, airy look or you want a strong, cozier feel? Do you need to keep a room dark or block the view outside? Sheer blockout curtains are perfect for layering with other shades or when used by themselves for a soft look. They are great for fallowing sunlight to stream in whilst obscuring the view inside, although people standing outside might still be able to see shadows or shapes. Lined or blackout drapes will provide much more privacy and will block a lot more of the light, making them a popular choice for bedrooms and other spaces where privacy and darkness are needed.


Think about style

The best blockout curtains in Sydney for you are the ones that fit your personal style. Think about whether or not you want something for a modern space, if you prefer a classic look, a shabby chic style or something coastal and beachy. Drapes are a great way to tie together a room and communicate your personal style or elevate your décor.


Think about length

Length is an important consideration. Long floor length drapes can add dramatic scale to a room, making it seem more grand whilst shorter drapes might make a room feel cosier – what vibe are you going for?