How To Wear Tunics For Different Activities

Young woman in white tunics

Tunics are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your whole closet. No matter what event or activity you intend to attend, you can be sure that tunics will be the best part of your outfit. If you’ve recently gotten a new piece or are looking for new inspiration – below we are going to explore different ways to wear tunics to suit any occasion.


While you explore

If you love spending your weekend hiking, exploring, or even just walking out and about loose tunics are the best option. They are lightweight and allow you to breathe while exercising. Try pairing it with some jeans and runners to make the most out of your outfit. If the weather is a bit chilly you can also throw your favorite cardigan over the top for some extra warmth.

Planning on going off the beaten track or some serious hiking? Opt to swap out the jeans for some leggings and comfier walking shoes. You’ll be more equipped for a serious hike and still look fabulous doing it.


Going to the park

If you love walking the dog down at the park a longer variant may be the way to go. Tunics that have three-quarter sleeves are also great for spring picnics and overcast days. If you are planning on going for a walk with the dog, pair longer tunics with jeans and sneakers for comfort and mobility. In the mood for a casual picnic with the fam? Throw on some jeggings and sit back and relax.

To keep your outfit looking summary we recommended having a floral print to break up the solid colors.


Evening events

If you have been invited out to an evening event, nothing will accompany you better than a floating dress. Whether it’s a big night on the town, a party to celebrate with friends, or a chill dinner night floating party tunics are great for evening events. You can pair it perfectly with jeggings and flats which leaves you super comfortable throughout the whole night.

For extra styling tips consider pairing it with heels or wedges and some nice accessories. The great thing about these tops is that they can go with anything and are so comfortable that you will enjoy yourself no matter what the event is.


Going to work

woman wearing a tunic dress

Tunics are great for casual work attire as they are smart, comfortable, and are a good length for the office. The light material that they are made from helps you keep cool under pressure while also letting you breathe. Nothing is worse than smelling yourself at work and these garments are great to ensure that you don’t sweat too much throughout the day. Pair it with some jeans and boots and you have real work attire on your hands.

An additional styling tip is that you should look at calm patterns or even a single color for the work environment. Anything too busy might stand out too much in a professional setting.


Every day out and about

A great thing about outfits with this garment is that they are so quick and easy to throw together and they look great. If you have a busy day planned and need to go, go, go – consider throwing together a casual dress with some jeans and boots. If it’s a bit cold out you can even throw on a scarf for that extra warmth. For extra style tips, if your dress is monotone in colors and pattern consider wearing a scarf or accessories with a splash of color.