What Defines The Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney’s CBD For The Defence

criminal lawyers in sydney
Image: Pexels

Criminal lawyers in Sydney have a long and storied history when it comes to representing their clients in court. From dealing with cases ranging from drug possession to assaults, drunk driving, sexual misconduct, murder and robbery, there is a litany of cases that have been put forward in New South Wales’ capital.

There is clearly a scale in these scenarios that range from a misdemeanour to a felony, a situation where the defendant faces far greater penalties for their alleged crimes.

As the evidence is put forward before a judge or jury, it is imperative that the criminal lawyers in Sydney undertake their due diligence and ensure that justice is upheld.

When it comes to the case for the defence, there will be some characteristics and features of the best performing solicitors that separates them from the pack. They might be only evident to the naked eye or those individuals who have an in-depth knowledge of the legal field, but they are there if you look closely enough.

Here we will discuss these features to outline where you can find value for money.


Terrific Communicator

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should pride themselves on their ability to communicate. After all, representing someone in a court of law requires them to be skilled in the art of debating to convince those necessary parties that the evidence fits their line of argument succinctly.

Before and after the courtroom though, there is the need to communicate with the client in a clear and articulate manner. From responding to emails, phone calls, texts and other forms of communication, they should illustrate that this case is just as important to them as it is for the client.


Advocate For Defendant’s Rights

Criminal lawyers in Sydney who illustrate a strong degree of competence, aggression and forthrightness when it comes to their client’s case is paramount. Consider this an intangible quality that cannot be measured by statistics, graphs or figures on a spreadsheet. The personality of the legal representative can make a huge amount of difference as the target at the end of the day is to convince a judge or jury of your innocence.

That takes interpersonal skills such as a confident posture, strong body language and a spoken tone that is direct and assured. They will also embody each and every legal right that their client has access to as a citizen.


Will Dig For Their Own Evidence

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should not immediately accept the findings and verdict of police officers or the events that have been argued on behalf of the prosecution. No. They will venture out onto the scene to find their own witnesses, ask their own questions, find photographs, seek out documentation and source their own evidence.

Perhaps the opposition has the same access or perhaps they have overlooked some details. Whatever the scenario may be, the ideal solicitor who is representing the defence will head out to dig for their own evidence with the aid of their firm’s resources and a paralegal.


Quality CV and Connections

Criminal lawyers in Sydney should come equipped with a raft of experience, won cases and connections that speak to their standing and reputation. There will be all manner of firms and practitioners that are circulating the niche of criminal lawyers in Sydney, but the best will arrive on the job with the backing of their peers and the respect of the courtroom to help you win the case.



Now that you know what qualifies the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, you must undertake your due diligence and examine the names and firms that are in the market. Speak with friends, family members and colleagues to determine which criminal lawyers in Sydney are best placed to represent your interest.