What Sydney Defendants Require From Criminal Lawyers

criminal lawyers

There will be all manner of scenarios where a client will require one of the criminal lawyers in Sydney. Consider any of the common misdemeanours that are evident on a daily basis in the city from trespassing to reckless or drunk driving, assault, public intoxication, marijuana possession or theft.


There are also far more serious crimes that fall into the felony category, such as arson, rape, grand theft, fraud or murder.


This is where it is vital for the sake of the charged individual to have someone who will represent their interests and take into context all of the facts of the case before a judgment can be made.


From Bondi to Newtown, Manly and Balmain, the field of criminal lawyers in Sydney is vast, experienced and well credentialed when it comes to this niche of legal representation.


So what will happen following the charges that a defendant is facing, and what will solicitors like Sydney criminal lawyers O’Sullivan Legal do to ensure that they are well represented?

Gauging The Charges


The first step that anyone of the criminal lawyers in Sydney that will be hired is to gauge the exact nature of the charges. From a minor misdemeanour to a felony or something else entirely, it is paramount that the individual is completely aware of what the prosecution is after and what penalties could be imposed. Once that is gleaned, then the rest of the process and decision making procedure can be shaped moving forward.

What Evidence is Available?


Criminal lawyers in Sydney will all be after evidence to help the status of their case. They will want to know all of the facts and pose a series of questions before conducting their own research:


  • Were there any witnesses?
  • What time did the event occur?
  • What was in your possession?
  • What did the police do and ask once they appeared on the scene?
  • Were you under duress or compromised to lead to an illegal action?
  • What statements have you made in the wake of the event?


From photographs to phone recordings and other sensitive information that could be pertinent to the case, the solicitor will have to access as much evidence as possible.

Next Steps To Take


All options will have to be put on the table as criminal lawyers in Sydney are positioned to inform their client about potential avenues. There are three main types of pleas that can be entered: guilty, not guilty or no contest. Not only will these options be presented, but the client will need to be aware of the fallout and consequences of those pleas. The attorney’s responsibility is to follow through on the client’s wishes, even in the wake of their council and recommendations.

Developing the Case


Assorting all of the evidence and garnering witness testimony, criminal lawyers in Sydney have to prepare the case as best as possible. This might need assistance from a paralegal to as they come to a decision about sourcing character references and arriving to a position that is likely to win in a court of law.

Court Representation


The central premise for all criminal lawyers in Sydney is being present and presenting the case in court. They are in place to be your advocate and your voice to articulate a position that clarity in order to convince a judge or jury that their case is the correct one. That will also include pinpointing flaws in the prosecution’s case, a facet that should be paramount for an experienced defence attorney.



If police are continuing to ask questions directed at you or you suspect foul play, then seek out one of the certified criminal lawyers in Sydney. Whether the matter involves a search warrant or an uncomfortable encounter following charges, then criminal lawyers in Sydney are positioned to fight your corner through due process.