What To Look For When Hiring Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyers

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers

Criminal law is a serious matter where charged parties have to ensure that they are represented in the best manner possible. Whether the case is on the lenient end of a standard misdemanour to crime that is categorised as a felony, your fate will ultimately be formed by the facts of the case and the quality of your defence in a court of law.


Should you be on the lookout for Melbourne criminal defence lawyers in Victoria’s capital city, you will be faced with a plethora of options should you have the resources to examine the names and brands showcased.


Each one of these firms will promote themselves as the solution to all of your problems, but there should be some fundamental characteristics that define the good from the bad, and the great from the good.


Here we will outline what to look for when conducting your own search of various Melbourne criminal defence lawyers.

Communication Skills


Above all else, Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will pride themselves on their ability to communicate effectively. This does not only apply to the attorney-client relationship, but that of the judge, jury and legal bodies that require formal document lodgments. At all times the representative should be able to articulate a position clearly and provide their client with all of the details in a timely fashion. Combined with a quick response rate through phone calls, meetings, texts and emails, your lawyer should have the capacity to educate and update without overloading information. This takes a skilled communicator.



It is one asset to be able to communicate effectively, yet it is quite another to lay out all of the evidence and conditions on the table when an attorney and client meet during consultations. Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will have different reputations depending upon the individual in question, so the ability to be transparent on fees, charges, length of sentencing and consequences of pleading should all be part of the same package.



There will be a myriad of profiles that are at two ends of the spectrum for experience with Melbourne criminal defence lawyers. The young attorneys have a reputation for being eager and enthusiastic, but it is advised that you find representation from a firm that has a background with similar cases. From assault to indecency or negligence, your attorney should have experience to know how to win a case such as yours.



Emotional attachment is seen as a major downside for legal representation and whilst this is true, a degree of empathy between attorney and client can actually be an asset. Anyone of the Melbourne criminal defence lawyers that you happen to hire will be schooled in the art of being purely professional, yet those representatives who are understanding of the stress and pain that their clients are experiencing can be cause to stretch their time and resources as far as possible.


Detailed-Oriented Approach


Melbourne criminal defence lawyers must be alert, passionate and driven about the facts of a case. The difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict can come down to recognising a small loophole on a document. Precision is the aim of the game, so it is advised that you source a lawyer who has this approach to details in mind.



No matter what suburb of the city you are based, sourcing Melbourne criminal defence lawyers should be an efficient process if you respect these fundamentals. Find referrals from parties you trust and engage representatives if they offer free consultations. Be aware of what services are out there for Melbourne criminal defence lawyers because there is too much at stake to be poorly represented in a criminal law case.