When An Employee Requires An Attorney in the Workplace

Employees in the workplace must understand that they have certain rights and obligations they afford them a degree of protection in the eyes of the law.


Depending on the nature of the profession and what industry they are based in, labor attorneys are on hand to give their clientele guidance and professional expertize when it comes to claiming compensation or recompense for the wrongdoing of a company.


So when should an employee of a business consider calling up legal council exactly? Here we will outline some examples when that step is a necessary one to take.

Instances of Discrimination


Should you believe that unlawful conduct has taken place in the workplace based off an instance of discrimination, then legal proceedings will have to be an option that is considered. Whether it is based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, politics or physical or mental condition, then an investigation should be launched.

Being Bullied and Intimidated


From life-threatening assault and sexual misconduct to minor indiscretions that build up over a period of time, workplace harassment should carry significant consequences for the offending party. Once an employee has made the case clear and acted transparently and in good faith, they are entitled to seek remuneration or recompense for the actions of the offender.

Complaints Left Unheard


An organization of any stature should have a human resources department in place to lodge these cases and have them investigated internally, but there are occasions when those calls are left silent and no action is taken. This is the most common instance whereby an attorney is brought in to ensure that due process is carried out, regardless of which legal matter is in question.

Breaking The Law


Should you foresee a case whereby an employee or employer has clearly broken the law, then there are scenarios whereby external legal council is strongly advised. Legal violations in the field of commerce is taken seriously and it be a matter of the attorney to decide which level the infraction has occurred, from a local case to state or federal.

Cannot Deal With Confrontation


Some individuals in a workplace are simply not equipped to manage or introduce confrontation in their lives and this presents its own unique set of challenges. Especially when dealing with a settlement or agreeing a severance package, there will be times when a strong and educated advocate who is schooled in the legal implications will be suitable to your circumstances.