Why every lawyer needs branding

Whether you think it or not, branding is an integral part of any service and provides you and your firm with an identity. As a lawyer, building a strong identity is important as it is what attracts clients and works in your favour throughout the legal system as you build your brand.

Just like any business, law firms need to attract customers in order to function and having a strong brand is going to do this. Here are a few things that every lawyer should know about branding and why you need it.

  1. It’s good for you

As I mentioned above, branding has a wide range of benefits for you and your firm. Having a strong identity helps people to relate better and single you out of the hundreds of lawyers in their area.  It boosts your perceived professionalism as you now have a brand and appear to be marketable.

  1. It builds a human connection

Having a brand allows you to connect with your clients in a more human way. Many people may view lawyers as intimidating people that are simply there to get their money but by developing a brand you are able to change this view.

A brand enables you to relate to people and empathise with them by offering them what they want. Building a reputation through your brand is important and makes you more distinguishable form the rest.

  1. It isn’t marketing

Branding is about creating your own identity through core values and actions. Branding is a pull mechanism while marketing is a push. Branding is aimed at drawing people towards you because they see themselves in your values. Marketing is about telling people why they should use you.

A strong brand will pull people in as they see value in your morals and actions making your firm more desirable.

  1. It’s not as hard as you think

For many, branding may seem like a big, daunting task that requires significant effort and money spent. The issue for many lawyers is that they don’t know where to start and therefore can get lost in what they are doing.

The key to a strong brand is passion and personality. Your brand needs to encapsulate you as a lawyer and how you go about things. You don’t want to create a fake image as this will only let people down. Be genuine and honest in your brand so that people can develop a relationship with you.