Bizarre Things That Are Banned Or Illegal Around The World


The world has many very different places that have weird and obscure laws. Some things are banned for obvious reasons but others are just downright strange. The punishment for breaking some of these laws are also no slap on the hand. Most have a hefty fine and some even jail time. So let us look at some of these weird laws that exist around the world!

1. Chewing gum in Singapore is very illegal.
Singapore is one of those countries with seemingly weird laws, this one is no different. Apart from chewing gum for medical reasons, it is illegal to both import or to use chewing gum. Doing so might give you a $100,000(SGD) fine and jail time.


2. Illegal to keep goldfish in round glass bowls in Rome.
It is considered that keeping goldfish in round glass bowls is cruel and with scientists saying it limits the oxygen flow and makes the goldfish go blind, lawmakers made it illegal. Another interesting law is it is also illegal to give out goldfish or any other animal as prizes.

3. It is illegal to not walk your dog in Rome.
According to a bylaw in 2005, it is mandatory to walk your dog and failing to do will land you with a fine up to $700. It is also illegal to leave animals in hot vehicles or near store windows.

4. Wearing high heels on important ancient grounds in Greece is against the law.
It was made illegal to wear shoes with high heels at historic sites in Greece from 2009. It was done so because high heels would put undue pressure on these ancient and crumbling structures.

5. It is illegal to spank children in Sweden. It is also illegal to advertise to kids below 12 years.
Sweden in 1979 became the first country in the world to ban spanking children both in school and at home. After this, as many as 30 other countries have done suit. It was also made illegal to air advertisements directly before or after a children’s show. This was done in the 90’s to protect kids under 12 years of age.

spank children

6. It is required by law to carry ID with you at all times in some European countries.
In many countries including Germany, Hungary, Belgium, and the Netherlands it is mandatory to have some sort of ID with you at all times. This might apply to non-residents as well so it is recommended that they have their passport with them.

7. It is illegal to impersonate Hitler in Germany and Austria.
This law actually makes a lot of sense as it is a dark blot on World history. Even still there was an instance of someone getting arrested for dressing up as Hitler near the house he used to live in.

8. It is illegal to stop on the Autobahn in Germany
The autobahn is a highway system controlled by the government and it is illegal to walk or stop on the autobahn. This makes it illegal for you to run out of fuel on the highway. A fine of $100 can be issued for endangering other drivers.</span style=”font-size: large;”>