What Does Artificial Grass In Adelaide Cost?

House with an artificial grass made from Adelaide

One of the most commonly asked questions that many people ask about artificial grass in Adelaide is what it costs and what they can expect to pay for installation. Whilst it’s always going to vary depending on the specific details of your job and the products your choosing to use, as well as the rates of your installer, it’s possible to get a general idea of what to expect when it comes to costs for artificial grass in Adelaide. Having an idea about what costs are reasonable can be immensely helpful when you’re trying to finding the right product provider and service provider for you. No matter what you’re purchasing and it’s very helpful when it comes to artificial grass in Adelaide because there are so many providers offering the same products and installation services. So if you’re interested in what you can expect to pay, read on below.


Pricing depends on a few factors

There are many different varieties of synthetic turf available on the market. You’ll find everything from pet-friendly products, to golf greens, sporting turf and landscaping turf. Landscaping turfs are often designed to mimic the real thing and you’ll find it available in all kinds of colours and with blades of many different shapes and sizes. No matter what you’re looking for or what your application for artificial grass in Adelaide is, you’ll undoubtedly find a product that’s suitable for you on the market. It’s worth noting that cheaper products tend to use lower-quality materials and often have a lower pile and density when it comes to the blades. Premium products however use higher quality materials and often look much more like the real thing.

For the sake of determining costs, we’ll look at the medium to higher-end products which are the most popular types of artificial grass in Adelaide.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the quality of the products you choose will influence the price you pay. Higher quality products will obviously have a higher upfront price but they may also last a lot longer before they need replacement and will require less maintenance and repair.


What products are higher quality?

Products that use polyethlyne and polypropylene materials are usually of better quality. They are highly durable and soft. Polypropylene is often used for sand-filled options and looks great as a thatch layer on landscaping installations. Nylon is sometimes used as a thatch layer too or used as turf for gold courses. Most medium and higher grade products will cost you between $15 to $30 m2 plus GST but it depends on the brand and style you choose.


The cost of installing artificial grass in Adelaide

So how much does it cost to supply and install products? Well, generally most installers will charge about $50 to $120 per metre squared to supply synthetic products and to install it. Many of the medium to higher-end products will run you around $55 per metre squared. Larger installers will have less overheads and may be able to offer competitive pricing. It’s a good idea to ask around and get estimates from multiple suppliers and installers in your area as this can help you find the most affordable price. If you’re installing over a big area then it’s a very good idea to see if they may be willing to be negotiable in price. If you’re on a budget speak to suppliers about what products, they recommend as they’ll no doubt be able to find a product that works in your budget and fits your specific needs and project.